Preventive Medicine Unit, KIMS Hospital & Research Centre

Medical Officer-I/C Dr Giriyanna Gowda

Staffing pattern:

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  • Allergy Clinic

Allergy clinic was started in 1992. The center provides comprehensive preventive and curative treatment for allergy patients. Clinical trials and epidemiological studies in field of allergy and asthma are being conducted. It is the first center in India which conducted research study on Rush allergen Immunotherapy and cluster allergen immunotherapy.

Diagnostic Services:
1. Skin prick test/ Allergy Skin Test
2. Specific IgE estimation
3. Patch test
4. Autologous serum skin test
Therapeutic procedures:
1. Conventional Allergen Immunotherapy
2. Rush allergenImmunotherapy
3. Cluster allergen immunotherapy
4. Sublingual Immunotherapy
5. Pharmacotherapy

  • Anti Rabies Clinic

The Anti Rabies Clinic(ARC) at KIMS&RC was started in 1989. The center provides comprehensive treatment for all animal bites case. The center also provides pre exposure vaccination. The ARC acts as referral hospital to patients from many districts. Apart from dog bite management, the center is active in conducting vaccine trails and epidemiological studies.

The main services provide are

1. Rabies vaccine adminstration.
2. Immunoglobulins (anti-rabies serum) -ERIG,HRIG and RmAb.
3. RIG training.
4. Phase III& IV – Rabies vaccine clinical trials

  • Adult Immunization

The Preventive Medicine Unit is also the adult vaccination center. All adult vaccines including TT for ante natal mothers is administered in the center.

Preventive Medicine Unit

Preventive Medicine Unit,KIMSH&RC

Allergy Clinic

Allergy Clinic

Anti Rabies Clinic

Anti Rabies Clinic

patch test

Patch Test

cold chain
Cold chain - Rabies vaccine -
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